Dinkel macht gesund und glücklich

Spelt makes you healthy and happy

Spelt was cultivated as a crop as early as 2500 BC, long before the much weaker plant, wheat, celebrated its triumph. Strange, actually. After all, spelt is the stronger plant. Spelt does not require sprays, is always high-yielding, does not make high demands on the soil and is full of vital substances. Andrea Ebner has been experimenting with this ancient grain for years and is now successful throughout Austria with a special ancient grain mixture as a food supplement.

Hildergard v. Bingen, a 12th century healer, said of spelt: "Spelt is the best grain and it is warm and fat and strong and it is milder than other grains and it gives the person who eats it good flesh and good blood and brings joy and happiness to the mind." Today this is considered proven. Spelt has an enormously high content of amino acids. These have a positive effect on the production of various happiness hormones. Spelt also contains vitamins B1 and B2, potassium, calcium, magnesium and the trace elements zinc, iron and copper. The high content of silicic acid has a positive effect on thinking and concentration, as well as the health of skin, hair and nails.

Spelt is one of the main ingredients in the "Tiroler Ur-Getreidemischung". Together with amaranth, Kamut(R) and a variety of excellent herbs, the original grain mix covers the entire vitamin B complex and contains high doses of selenium. With the other vital substances that people need for a healthy daily diet, the product, which contains no artificial additives, is a must for every household.

The mixture can be used on a daily basis. But there is also exclusively positive feedback in endurance and strength sports. "Athletes are enthusiastic. Increased explosive power, a significant increase in endurance and rapid weight reduction if required", says Andrea Ebner, inventor of the original cereal mix. In addition to providing vitamins and trace elements, it also stimulates digestion. The intestines are cleansed and, in the case of intestinal sluggishness, set in motion again.

Healthy, slim and beautiful is the motto of the inventor Andrea Ebner. And these are precisely the effects that can be achieved with the original mixture. Hundreds of satisfied regular customers throughout Austria confirm the effects. The product is already available in all pharmacies and drugstores.

Source >> proplanta.de

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