Uor history

Ährenstark® is based on a simple idea: an original cereal mixture with plants and herbs

The medically certified health and nutrition consultant Andrea Ebner has been researching and tinkering with the right recipes for Ährenstark® products since 2007.

The ancient grain mixture consists of over 40 vital substances that have a cleansing effect on the gut and reduce the feeling of hunger. Spelt, kamut, yarrow and amaranth are the main ingredients of this ancient grain mixture. Kamut and spelt are the most nutritious ancient grains of all and contain vital nutrients, especially large amounts of the vitamin B complex and selenium. This is how our powders/shakes were created.

However, this was also available in the form of pressed pellets. At that time, the pressing of purely natural ingredients or ancient grains, medicinal herbs and plants without sugar was completely new territory. After painstaking experiments, we finally came to a great result, according to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schlocker from the pharmacological technology department at the University of Innsbruck, who provided Andrea Ebner with a laboratory and supported her.

Thanks to the ancient grain and a range of high-quality herbs and plants, the ancient grain mixture is ideal for reducing body fat and controlling weight. The body receives important ingredients in a balanced form that can only be found in nature. The intestines are stimulated by the high fiber content and the swelling property in combination with sufficient liquid (water) reduces the feeling of hunger.

However, this is not a "banal" dietary product; it is more about healthy nutrition. This food supplies the body with vital substances (vitamins - enzymes - trace elements - minerals).

Our health depends 90 percent on our diet and therefore the products of the Ährenstark® family can contribute to people's health.

The differences to other preparations in the field of food additives are obvious. The original grain mixture is not a supplement, but a wholesome food. The ingredients all come from nature and there are no flavor enhancers or other artificial additives.

Thanks to her immense dedication and determination, the medically certified health and nutrition consultant and amateur chef Andrea Ebner successfully launched the product on the market in 2009.

In the years that followed, the recipes were repeatedly adapted in line with the latest findings.

Work also began on a "healthy cooking and baking" cookbook. A special organic wholemeal flour mix with 18% amaranth was put together for this.

The recipes had to be sugar-free and there also had to be something for vegetarians.

In collaboration with a professional chef, we succeeded in adapting the recipes - sugar-free.

The organic wholemeal flour mix can be used instead of any other type of flour.