Healthy cooking and baking - some ideas


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Vegetable lasagna

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Tomato sauce with vegetables

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Apple and raisin nut bread

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The Ährenstark cookbook, 80 recipes with the Ährenstark cooking and baking mix, by Andrea Ebner and Martin Kager.

The Ährenstark cooking and baking mix (known as Ährenstark-KBM for short) is a natural wholemeal mix that has been specially developed for healthy cooking rich in vital nutrients and is perfect for cooking and baking as a wholesome flour substitute.

The main ingredients are spelt, Kamut® and amaranth with an exceptionally high proportion of vital substances (vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, trace elements and fibre).

Ährenstark-KBM promotes a healthy and balanced diet for the whole family when cooking and baking!

Have fun!

All recipes have been tested for you by our chef Martin Kager and adapted to the special requirements of healthy and natural cooking.