The healthy way to your ideal weight

Being overweight is a symptom that our body is not functioning optimally.

The path to further symptoms and diseases is therefore already predetermined.
Health also means an optimal body weight, which is individual for each person. Thanks to their high content of over 40 vital substances, the powder mixture and the pellets counteract obesity and nutritional deficiency symptoms.

The effect of synthetic products falls short of pure nature. The natural ingredients achieve their success through the correct interaction of the various ingredients, which cannot be artificially constructed. Even for people who are not overweight, these substances are vital for maintaining health.

Even our brain needs certain substances to function properly. Stress situations are handled better - mood swings are counteracted. The reduction/regulation of the feeling of hunger is a sign that our body is supplied with the necessary substances. The desire for sweets is greatly reduced or disappears completely.

The natural swelling properties of the powder and pellets result in a high level of satiety, i.e. if the powder or pellets are taken 20-30 minutes before meals and hunger sets in, you can consume much less than usual. You will feel satiated and will notice that your feeling of hunger is significantly reduced. Despite less or no food intake, the body is supplied with all vital substances (vital substances = trace elements, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, fiber).

Enzymes play an important role for our intestines, the intestinal flora is regulated, waste products and toxins are broken down and regular bowel movements are restored in the event of constipation. The immune system is strengthened, which means a better defense against infections and bacteria. This means fat loss, with increased energy and well-being. You feel fitter and more efficient, and the most important thing is that you don't starve yourself from one diet to the next because you feel full.