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Combo "Press 5 & PV"

Combo "Press 5 & PV"

1 x Presslinge 500, 2 x Pulver Vanille.

We have designed "Press 5 & PV" for you and all those who want to benefit from the most advantages. With this combination, we want to allow you to fulfill your wishes with a vanilla flavour at a better price.

A mixed intake is optimal. The powder radically takes away your hunger. Have breakfast as usual in the morning, take 3 tablespoons of powder at lunchtime approx. 30 minutes before eating with enough water, so you are guaranteed to eat less than half afterwards. In the evening, take the pellets with plenty of water. The following morning, the bowels will be optimally emptied. The pellets also provide a lot of energy (increased oxygen content in the blood) during running, cycling etc..

Why have we put together this quantity? Because it should keep you supplied for a month of days and at the same time be cheaper.

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